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Health and Wellbeing

Looking out for you

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about the toughest period those working in health and social care have faced since World War II. Coupled with unprecedented demand for our services, staff have suffered themselves from ill health, grief and loss, isolation and at times, separation from their loved ones – the ones who normally support them in facing stress and emotional trauma.

Looking after our mental and physical health is crucial in enabling us to provide the quality of care we strive for every day. It is vital we all;

  • Understand how stress and exhaustion affect us
  • Recognise when we are struggling and know where to get help
  • Look out for others and encourage them to take breaks or ask for support
  • Give ourselves permission to focus on our mental health
  • Make time to relax, eat well, get some exercise or partake in hobbies that help us disconnect from work

There are a range of Birmingham and Solihull health and wellbeing offers to help you and your colleagues that have been set up to provide additional support over and above that which your employer has in place. These are open to all (wherever possible) in health and social care, regardless of employer.

Health and Wellbeing