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Top Tips for Careers Advisers

1. Visit our Resource Library page to see a full range of careers information, quizzes, job application advice and more that we provide for yourselves, students and parents/guardians

2. Access up-to-date Labour Market Information (LMI) on Health & Social Care careers in the Midlands. Recommend using government website, LMI for All:

3. Keep up to date with changes to employment and work experience legislation as well as professional and academic development.  Consider subscribing to update alerts on websites such as     

4. Use our Career Pathways to inspire students by providing them with more information about progression routes within health and social care

5. Gain a ‘behind the scenes’ insight to understand more about the NHS Health Careers and what it’s really like to work in the health & social care sector. Find out what skills we are looking for and what we expect to see in an application form, or hear at interview.  Use the Contact us form to arrange a visit to one or more of our partners

6. Understand what additional support we can offer to those who do not meet the prerequisite entry requirements and how to access this support

7. Most work experience opportunities commence at the age of 18 within the NHS (Health) and 16 within the Local Authorities (Social Care) sectors; however some of our partners offer placements to those aged 14+.  Please check details on the Work Experience page for full eligibility criteria for all partner organisations 

8. Take time to familiarise yourself with information on Work Experience legislation by visiting the HSE Website   

9. Make a request for an Ambassador to support your careers events by simply completing the Events Booking Form.  We have trained professionals and apprentices who are keen to share an insight into the world of Health and Social Care careers