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Time to Lead – New programme to re-energise BSol leaders

After a year of extraordinary demands on our workforce, now is the ‘time to lead’ our system into the next phase of restoration and recovery – and to do this our leaders need fresh inspiration.

The BSol system-wide Leadership and Wellbeing programme, which has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of health and care stakeholders over the last four months. Significant care has been taken to ensure the programme is relevant for a workforce that crosses a range of different services and organisations and provides opportunity to refresh and refocus.

The first three participant cohorts have been designed to target talented members of our workforce who will help support further shaping of the programme in terms of both content and participant experience. It is hoped that this approach will re-energise staff after the extraordinary demands of the last 12 months and offer much-needed opportunities for building networks and connections to support healthcare improvement and collaboration.

The programme aims to deliver:

  • A strengthening of leadership, collectively across the system and directly in support of better integrating health and care
  • An energising experience that encourages learning from the past to apply in the future
  • A careful balance between high quality content and the creation of space for participants to reflect and reignite
  • Developing capabilities and skills across the Birmingham and Solihull ICS to accelerate its goals
  • A system approach to boost collaboration between partner organisations.
  • A strong focus on inclusion both for our workforce but also on how we deal with the health inequalities in the system

So far the feedback has been very positive. Colleagues have fed back that the programme has provided a chance to breathe and have reflective space, opportunity to network with others from different organisations and parts of the system. It is also providing an important opportunity for leaders to talk about what the ICS means for people (including the health and care workforce) across BSol and to explore ambitions and priorities going forward.

More dates will be released shortly for further cohorts from the end of September, with a view to significantly upscaling the programme (Covid allowing).

View the Time to Lead programme overview document here.